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Artist Statement

A visual artist who primarily focuses on painting and drawing, I seek abstract means of exploring and understanding the fundamental nature of existence and belonging. Influenced heavily by my yoga and meditation practice, as well as the profound insights of Buddhist philosophy and the enigmatic world of quantum physics, my work unveils the subtle interplay of energies that weave through the universe. 

In my paintings, I’m depicting the interaction of energy and entanglement of particles, deconstructing the tangible world into particles and presenting them as essential elements of dots, lines, and space/depth. This transcends the constraints of physical scenes or bodies, capturing the essence of universal existence at the smallest scale. 

During my process, I like to find the edges and spaces between the lines, as well as the color that resides in the space that those lines create. My fascination with space stems from my formative years away from family and living abroad. These experiences of not truly belonging in various environments have shaped my ongoing search for a safe space, a theme reflected not only in my life but also in my process of artmaking. The inclination to seek edges metaphorically mirrors my sense of not belonging to major spaces or groups. Instead, I see myself as an outsider, observing the world and playing the main character within my own confined space.

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